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What Is “The Worship Songwriter?”

By Gregory B.

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Add to Cart. About - A Guide to Worship Ministry centers on four main areas of worship ministry: preparing for worship ministry, leading the worship ministry, preparing for Sunday, and discipling the generations through worship ministry. The book addresses topics such as discerning your call to ministry, working on a church staff, planning and leading worship services, and equipping your worship teams.

A Guide to Worship Ministry looks at the day-to-day work of the worship minister, offering insights and personal stories. It is an important book for those getting started in worship ministry and a refresher for those who have years of experience in ministry.

Songwriting Tips, News & More

Start by actually worshipping Jesus together! Pick a time and begin by simply praying, worshipping through song, and studying the Scripture.

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Hands-down, my favorite times during songwriting retreats are the two hours in the mornings we spend reading, singing, and praying. When that song is finished or needs to be set down for a while, go for a walk, move around, and find another cowriter to start a song with. You might be surprised to hear songs stirring long before you start writing them. Many times, our cowrites will start with thirty minutes of just playing some chords, singing prayers, or singing Psalms straight from the Bible. A verse of Scripture may stick out from a previous quiet time with the Lord.

3 Tips for Writing a Worship Song

Listen before you write. Make sure there is no reason to leave the retreat to go get anything!

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Hospitality goes a long way in fostering togetherness and downplaying competition and insecurity. Every lyric should flow from the Word of God and be criticized by the Word of God. Start your songwriting retreat by centering on the Word. During our most recent songwriting retreat, we spent the entire time writing on the themes of 1 Peter, as our entire church is in that book for nearly a year. Let it be your guide.

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Sounds corny, but trust me. Typically, we meet together on the last night, sit around a piano with guitars, and take turns singing the songs we wrote. We get to cheer each other on, and applaud the Lord for giving us songs to sing.

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I hope these simple and practical suggestions are helpful as you foster a culture of songwriting in your own church.

The Worship Writers Guide The Worship Writers Guide
The Worship Writers Guide The Worship Writers Guide
The Worship Writers Guide The Worship Writers Guide
The Worship Writers Guide The Worship Writers Guide
The Worship Writers Guide The Worship Writers Guide

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