The Gift of Surrender

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However…while the salvation moment of surrender impacts our eternity, daily and moment-by-moment surrender impacts our legacy. Imagine holding a TV remote control, flipping back and forth to channels showing unhealthy content. Seated next to you is Jesus, inviting you to hand him the remote so he can find an acceptable program…or even to turn off the TV.

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He is now the one who determines what you watch. Our challenge is that multiple times a day, we take the remote back and watch what we want. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Surrender can be weakness, or it can be the most wise, powerful, life-changing thing you do. Instead of giving up, what can you surrender to in this moment? Peace is a heartbeat away.

Ten years of travel & the gift of surrender

Can you be perfect in your imperfection? What a great healing you are giving to yourself!

The Gift of Surrender

Surrender is about being and acting from the awareness that All is One. When you surrender you know that whatever this force wants to be done, shall be done. Father, not mine, but Thy will be done. Within the world of Spirit, there is no such thing as death, there is no such thing as real loss. It is not possible for you to fail.


There is no guilt. You could give up, or you could surrender in this moment, a percentage more, to the awareness of your Holiness, the Miracle of you.

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You could give up, but as an instrument of peace, surrendering to the All, you see that All means All. Within All, there cannot be other. No matter what you are seeing, it IS a part of Creator, a part of the All. Some things that we witness are not as pure an expression of Creator as others. Surrender is allowing all things to be. Instead, as an instrument of peace, be a forgiver. Allow the expression of Divinity to flow through you as an instrument of peace, more and more.

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There is still the option to give up, and the idea of it will still arise in your awareness, because, as an all-knowing being, you will experience all that humanity is experiencing. As you do that, you hold the light. You hold the space of peaceful possibility and loving change. You hold the space of sharing, on a global level. You have the awareness that what you do for the least of these you do for the most, and as you sow, so shall you reap.

You purify yourself, as an instrument of peace, by choosing in every moment that you can, to see the truth, to see things differently, to see as Love. See as compassion, faith or joy.

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    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender
    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender
    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender
    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender
    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender
    The Gift of Surrender The Gift of Surrender

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