Self and Its Sheaths

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Samana activates and controls the digestive system: liver, intestines, pancreas, stomach, as well as the heart and circulatory system in general. It is concerned with the region between the heart and the navel and is responsible for the assimilation of nutrients. Udana activates the organs of sense, especially those located above the larynx: eyes, nose, ears, tongue and also the sensory receptors all over the body.

Vyana is the vital force that regulates the overall movements of the body and coordinates the other vital energies. The pranic body supports the life of the physical body. Neither can exist alone. The pranic body is approximately the same size and shape as the physical body. Just as the physical body receives nourishment, so also does the pranic body. The prana which sustains the pranic body is drawn from the more subtle sheaths of the manomaya, vigyanamaya and anandamaya koshas.

Prana exists as light and energy in the pranamaya kosha.

You Have 5 Bodies: The Sheaths + How to Access Them

In its gross form it is likened to the flame of lire that flickers, waxes and wanes. The colour and shape vary. In Kirlian photography it has been revealed as small flames of energy bursting from the pores of the body in a constant ebb and flow of life force. The pranic body itself, however, is initially visualized as a smoky aura with the same shape, limbs and parts as the physical body.

As the practitioner develops and gradually purifies body and mind, the pranic body takes on a golden colour which gives way finally to a luminous transparent glow. More subtle than the pranamaya kosha is the manomaya kosha, the mental sheath. It performs many functions simultaneously and provides the cement that holds the two grosser annamaya and pranamaya koshas together as an integrated whole.

It acts as a messenger between each body, conveying the experiences and sensations of the external world to the intuitive body, and the influences of the causal and intuitive bodies to the gross body. Mind is capable of attaining the greatest speed. Thought is the ultimate manifestation of motion. The mind can move forward and backward in time. Time does not exist as a barrier, and in the techniques of meditation time can be experienced as ceasing to exist.

The power or energy source for attaining these abilities is prana. The mind reflects the basic nature of the universe. Pervading and more subtle than the manomaya kosha is the vijyanamaya kosha, the sheath of intuition. When this sheath is awakened, one begins to experience life intuitively, to see deeper reasons behind all manifested things. This leads to wisdom. Then comes the anandamaya kosha, the sheath of bliss, the final sheath of individual being. This is the causal body, the abode of the most subtle prana. It is beyond definition. All five sheaths are pervaded by prana, whether gross or subtle.

Prana is the essence of life. It nourishes and sustains all the sheaths and maintains their correct relationship. Some of those precautions and monkey mind thoughts might be right, but that should be up to the calm center, the soul to decide--with input from the ego. Which leads us to our next sheath. Practice mindfulness as much as you can remember. Listen to what your mind says and transcribe everything that comes through the stream of thought in freeform journaling. Write whatever comes in and out of the mind.

The Five Sheaths - Moksha Gita - Chapter 9

Say to yourself, "I watch my thoughts. Meditate as often as possible. Be a good listener to chitta vritti monkey mind , creating a space around the thoughts and deeper beliefs, as you listen and observe the voice in the head as much as you can. If you need a little help building or getting back into a meditation practice:.

Y ou've probably heard about how great meditation is for you. You've probably said to yourself: I need to start meditating.

Or maybe you had a practice, and life has gotten in the way. There is no one that meditation can't help.

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There is no way it can't transform your life, if you make a habit out of it. It touches everything. I can't wait to hear from you about the effects of your new or reinvigorated meditation practice! I know you can do it. And you DO have the time. I promise, it's worth it. You can make time for anything, and this is the thing that nourishes and revitalizes everything.

Or the Awareness Body or Vijnanamaya Kosha in sanskrit. Where the mental sheath is responsible for thoughts, putting the world together through interpretations, core beliefs and assumptions, the wisdom sheath or awareness body is responsible for insight, inspiration and intuition. Quick story: I have a painting that has been awkward in its place. One day I was walking by it, and it hit me that it needs to switch with a different work of art in a different room.

This information did not come from my mind. It came from a deeper, more subtle place. It was a moment of inspiration, communication that did not come from my mind for sure. I wasn't thinking about the painting--it was an insight that came out of nowhere, hit me like a lightning bolt.

What Are The 5 Sheaths?

It's comforting to know that at some level of you, within one of your layers, you already know what to do. You already have the answers. All that you need to do is get still, present and quiet enough to get out of the way so that your wisdom body can enlighten you. Beyond being the point of intuition and insight, it is also the place of observation and awareness. We reside in this body when we can truly look, feel and observe all the other sheaths.

We can even become aware of the awareness body itself.

Consciousness conscious of consciousness itself. This body is completely objective and calm - the observer, the witness of it all. It links and webs with all the other bodies, as they all do. Sit back and do nothing, just observe your internal world as you would observe your external world.

Notice your judgment as you move through life. Practice observation meditation wherein, you see and feel exactly what is happening in all the other sheaths. Bring your thumbs together at your third eye space between eyebrows , making prayer hands with other fingertips pointed straight at the sky. Say, "I welcome inspiration. Or the Anandamaya Kosha.

This is the closest sheath to the divine space within you, your pure consciousness, which is just joy and purity, which is Divine Spark--your soul, your Spirit Self. The last time you might have been in touch with this sheath was when you were a child. At least, this is the case for many people. Unbridled joy, this sheath is your joy body, which has, since you were small, probably gotten taken over by the pain body. The bliss body is worth finding again. Don't lose hope. If you quest for it, you will find it.

You know you have found your bliss body when you feel abundant love and exhilaration. Many people have reached the bliss body again through meditation or prayer.

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It is deep connection and love with the Divine. It is the happy feeling that all is well, that life is abundant, that we are truly and deeply loved. You just know instinctively, or rather feel that all is love, and love is all there is. I've had the fortune of hitting the bliss body a number of times.

Self and Its Sheaths Self and Its Sheaths
Self and Its Sheaths Self and Its Sheaths
Self and Its Sheaths Self and Its Sheaths
Self and Its Sheaths Self and Its Sheaths
Self and Its Sheaths Self and Its Sheaths

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