Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)

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Diese Idee soll dann auf den Fall der traurigen Musik angewandt werden. Durch Musik erzeugte Emotionen haben einen anderen Charakter als "klassische" Emotionen und werfen deshalb interessante neue Fragen auf. The concept of sustainability is widely acknowledged as a political guideline.

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Economic, ecological, social and cultural aspects of sustainability are already under discussion. To date, planetary sustainability has mainly been used with reference to Earth only and it will be extended here, elaborating on a similar NASA initiative. NASA envisions:.

While all of these dimensions are essential, the project will especially examine and ethically evaluate how realistic and meaningful the rarely researched third point is. The problem shall be assessed making use of the philosophical and theological approach of a constructive-critical realism. The project is made possible through a generous grant of the cogito foundation.


Its purpose is to write a monograph on topic, and to accompany the development of the research with public events. In we inhabit a "post-truth" world where scientific evidence and accurate information must compete with appeals to emotion, "alternative facts" and "fake news". Strong scientific consensus on issues such as anthropogenic climate change, the medical benefits of vaccines, the economic benefits of immigration, and the safety of eating genetically modified foods is not mirrored by public opinion, which is itself increasingly polarized and politically partisan on key issues.

In this context, the current month project addresses a fundamental challenge for science and society: to understand how destructive "misbeliefs" about empirical reality persist and proliferate in the face of contrary scientific evidence. Intense division over the facts of the matter may have catastrophic ramifications for public life — potentially inducing public health emergencies, sectarian violence, financial crises and environmental disasters. Only by understanding the cognitive and sociocultural factors sustaining these divisions can we hope to develop interventions to increase the uptake of scientific knowledge in the public at large.

Bei diesem Projekt geht es um die Entwicklung bzw.

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Angela Ziebell. From personal assistants on our smartphones to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence A. However, due to the rapid growth of these technologies, understanding of the future impact of A. This poor understanding stands to prevent citizens and politicians from finding acceptable tradeoffs between the benefits that A.

As a result, we find ourselves in danger of ungrounded fear about beneficial technologies such as autonomous vehicles; ignorant risks being taken related to automation; and high expectations set up by science fiction being disappointed. Targeted at students and interested members of the Swiss public, the series will launch with an interactive exhibition of A. Our hope is to provide a source of information about A.

Bewusstsein ist der Ausdruck des Gehirns - Abhijit Naskar - Deutsch/German

Am Samstag, Von Detaillierte Informationen: www. The principles of linear and angular momentum belong to the most important results of classical physics. They describe how momentum and angular momentum evolve in time by relating them to force and torque vectors, respectively. Whereas the development of the principle of linear momentum is well known from the historical point of view, the emergence of the principle of angular momentum had remained completely in darkness up to now.

This study aims at unearthing the hitherto disregarded development of the concept of angular momentum and at reconstructing its coming into being by analyzing not only Euler's relevant publications, but by using his unpublished manuscripts and notebook records as well. Letzteres ist auch relevant im Kontext des Lehrplans 21, wo diese Kompetenz gefordert wird, es aber an praxiserprobten Beispielen fehlt. Mathematikdidaktik im Kindergarten ist ein relativ neues Gebiet. Zuletzt werden die Leistungen aller drei Teams von einer fachkundigen Jury benotet.

Am Global climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Human-caused global warming, primarily due to emissions of carbon dioxide, calls for a broad portfolio of measures to avoid and to adapt to climate change. Efficient decision-making requires sound scientific information as well as the translation and transfer of this information to society and policy-makers.

ICDC10 will expand the knowledge base and foster the development of the intellectual space needed to support transformations towards sustainability, particularly in the areas of de-carbonization and climate stabilization. The world-wide leading experts and young researchers will gather at ICDC10 in Interlaken to discuss and synthesize the most recent research insights on the global carbon cycle.

Plenary and poster sessions for the expected participants constitute the backbone of the conference. This emphasis will nurture interdisciplinary exchange and provide a holistic view of the carbon cycle in the Earth System, urgently needed to develop scientific-sound solutions. Thanks to the support by the cogito foundation, the findings of the conference will be communicated not only to the scientific community but also to the public at large.

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Gleichzeitig erhielten Filmemacher spannende Inhalte aus erster Hand. Ziel des Workshops war es auch, Kollaborationen zwischen Forschenden und Personen aus der Filmwelt zu initiieren. This project aims to examine the challenges faced by scientists when communicating to the lay public about key issues of epigenetics using metaphors and mental models. The project will situate the production of epigenetic knowledge within relevant social, cultural and professional contexts, looking at both the upstream factors that shape its still contested scientific meanings, and the downstream dynamics that shape its public understandings.

We will collect data through interviews at the epigenetics research laboratory as well as through a specifically designed three-stage study of audience reception to the ARTE film.

Publikationen von oder unter Beteiligung unserer Klinik...

The project's findings will contribute new insights into the public reception of a young science whose boundaries and legitimacy are being negotiated, namely epigenetics. Kulturelle Werte sind mit naturwissenschaftlichen Methoden allerdings schwer messbar und wurden erst wenig untersucht. Ein Hauptaugenmerk liegt darauf, eine Verbindung zwischen Sprache und kulturellen Werten der Landschaft herzustellen. So wird beispielsweise mittels linguistischen und ethnographischen Methoden der Frage nachgegangen, wie Menschen Landschaften wahrnehmen und dies durch Sprache zum Ausdruck bringen.

Dieses Inventar an Landschaftsbegriffen wird mit unterschiedlichen Methoden aufgebaut. In einer zweiten Phase wird die Beziehung zwischen den Volksbegriffen und den kulturellen Werten einer Landschaft erforscht. Mindfulness meditation, originally a Buddhist practice, is now an umbrella term for contemplative practices employed in various settings, such as religious centres, non-sectarian groups, and clinical interventions.

Human Factors - Psychologie sicheren Handelns in Risikobranchen (German Edition)

Adaptation of Buddhist contemplative practices in the Western world resulted in their secular and decontextualized applications, receiving much attention from researchers in psychology and medicine. Growing evidence suggests that mindfulness based techniques, such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program MBSR are effective for a number of physical and mental conditions, but the main shortcoming of the current research paradigm in contemplative studies is the fact that possible contextual influences are never taken in consideration in evaluating effects of those techniques.

In this project we are interested in a particular outcome of mindfulness meditation practice: the stress response to social-evaluative threat. It is an important area of inquiry taking in consideration the fact that stress is known for its pathogenic effects on physical and mental health, well-being, psychological and the social functioning of individuals.

The goal of this project is to assess the relationship between mindfulness meditation practice and the stress response to social-evaluative threat measured by self-report and biological markers , and to investigate the mechanisms underlying its relationship. Interdisciplinary approach will consist in adopting a joint definition of the practice, a common theory of underlying mechanisms of its effectiveness, based on previous psychological research on meditation and theories of religious coping, and a mixed-methods design that will be implemented by combining an observational study and a randomized control trial with both quantitative and qualitative approaches in data collection.

The cogito foundation finances observational study and a randomized control trial. Juli erstmals in der Schweiz statt. Es ist ein hochstehender internationaler Wettbewerb, Treffpunkt der besten Nachwuchsphysiker der Welt. Involviert werden ca. Die Organisation dieser Grossveranstaltung ist nicht nur organisatorisch sondern auch finanziell eine grosse Herausforderung.

Die Gesamtkosten betragen nach verschiedenen Einsparungen knapp drei Millionen Franken. Bilder: www. In den angebotenen Kursen werden Themen aus verschiedenen Gebieten der Mathematik behandelt, die im Mathematikunterricht an den Schulen nicht oder nur am Rande vorkommen. Ziel ist es, auf diese Weise die internationale Ausrichtung der Mathematik zu vermitteln. Petersburg zu besuchen und an speziell organisierten mathematischen Veranstaltungen teilzunehmen.

FameLab is an international Science Slam competition open to anyone working in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. Since FameLab competitions also take place in Switzerland. The idea stems from the organisers of the Cheltenham Festivals in Great Britain, the implementation is supported by the British Council in each of the participating countries.

FameLab aims to popularise science and discover and encourage future science communicators. Young scientists present their project to a lay public without using electronic media and are evaluated according to the three C judging criteria: Content, Clarity and Charisma. Participants should therefore present a correct content in a clear and concise way and at the same time be inspiring, exciting and captivating! The 3-minute talks are judged by experts from the scientific and communication fields. The audience also has the possibility to determine their favourite presentation. Usually two heats are organised in Switzerland each year: one in the German-speaking part and one in the Romandy.

The 10 best candidates from both heats participate in a two-day communication workshop before they compete in the national final. Bislang wurden solche Definitionen z. Diskussionen unter Wissenschaftlern verschiedener Disziplinen lassen Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten erkennbar machen, letztlich aber vermag erst ein empirischer Ansatz genauere Informationen zu liefern.

Dieses Forschungsprojekt besteht aus einer Kombination von quantitativen und qualitativen Methoden. Religion, Zeit und Nachhaltigkeit aus ihrer eigenen wissenschaftlichen Perspektive definieren. Religion gemittelte Karten bestimmen, wodurch die zu Grunde liegende kognitive Struktur sichtbar wird. Mental disorders belong to the top contributors of the contemporary burden of disease worldwide.

Currently, however, a researcher or clinician seeking to better understand the causal underpinnings of a disorder encounters an overwhelming amount of literature, which is distributed across several fields of studies e. Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, and Sociology.

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Furthermore — and quite paradoxically — the rapid increase in the number of scientific articles published each year "prevents" scientists from gaining a complete picture of disorders. That is, distinct research communities studying the same disorder lay their own claim to causes and drill down into them, rather than developing an integrative understanding of the disorder. The PsyMine project intends to develop a prototype of a text mining application that is specifically designed to overcome this fragmentation of knowledge. The application's main output will be a database of cause-disorder-relationships detected in the scientific literature across disciplinary boundaries.

Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition) Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)
Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition) Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)
Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition) Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)
Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition) Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)
Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition) Kann man Bewusstsein neurobiologisch erfassen und erklären? (German Edition)

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