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Jack is a cute and amazing guy. He knows how to make a girl smile and make their heart flutter. Jack can be secretive about himself, but that just makes us love him more. Jack doesn't get involved in drama, but when he does its small scaled.

Anyone who has a Jack is very lucky, as Jack is a very loyal and nice person. He is great at sport and loves compliments, even though he may say so.

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He is very encouraging to ones he loves and has the worst jokes and pickup lines. Jack loves it when the girl he loves pays attention to him but he doesn't act differently. Jack will flirt with his crush but won't force her to do thins she doesn't want to do. He notices when people are sad, especially if its his best friend or girlfriend.

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Jack will lie to his girlfriend so she doesn't know that her friend is trying to date him. Jack is a great and compassionate guy.

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Jack, you are amazing! Girl 1: 'Oh my gosh! That Jack dude is so quiet but smart and cute! Once you get to know him he will open up. Jack is good looking and is the type that is always In Good shape. He always wears the best outfits and looks amazing. Wow , Jack looks so good. All round good guy Jack, highly employable and has an abundance of that big dick energy to get them ladies to Niagara falls levels of moisture. Jamie "Yo did you hear about Jack getting that new job and slamming those ladies" Wayne "Yeah that's just Jack ".

Jack is an amazing person who can always make you laugh. He is sincere and kind and has awesome taste. Jack can read you like a comic book but only if he knows you well. Jack is smart and mature for his age, but can be funny and play around too. Me: Hey, did you meet Jack? Friend Oh yeah! He's cool. What about him? Me: Well he's so nice and funny.

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I think I like him. Friend: That's awesome! Jack is really fun. You get to spend a crisp fall night creating memories and celebrating with friends without having to travel to the Suburb. Tickets are located in your account. If you can't login or access your tickets it's possible that your email may have been entered incorrectly when you originally placed your order. Please give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll give you a hand. You can change the name on your tickets in your account. You can then text or email them to yourself or the new guest s. Your best bet is to reach out directly to the event organizer.

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