Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)

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Goat Cheese Enchiladas

Now they are diverse and versatile and super easy to make. Wondering what can you freeze? Often when people hear the words, freezer meal , they imagine a cold, hard slab of a casserole covered in ice crystals. How about this instead? Carnitas are easily prepared ahead of time, cooled, wrapped well, and stashed in the freezer for dinner later in the month.

Traditionally freezer meals were casseroles or consisted of a base of canned cream soup. Just think through your favorite recipes. What can you do in advance without loss of texture or taste? I have experimented with meals such as Peanut Butter Chicken and found ways to make parts of it ahead of time. I cook the chicken and veggies, cool and wrap, package the sauce separately, and make sure that I have noodles in the pantry to cook on the day of serving.

Then I can assemble the meal quite quickly without having to chop, shred, dice, or mix, saving myself a ton of time and energy. Freeze a portion size before or after cooking. Then try it a few days later. If it tastes good, you know it will freeze well. Your options are almost limitless! Wondering what more you can make ahead and freeze?

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Check out the Ultimate Freezer Cooking post. I do this mostly with Mozza because it's not something I use very often but would rather buy the bigger blocks because it's cheaper overall. I was going to say cheese too! I've gotten really good deals on shredded cheese and block cheese. I have frozen both and they come out just fine.

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I buy pre-made guacamole when it is a good deal with a coupon. That also freezes beautifully. I have not tried to freeze my own, so not sure how that works out. Other things that freeze: flavored coffee creamers, cookie dough packaged or your own , fruit flash freeze , pancakes also flash freeze. I've also read that cream cheese and milk can be frozen, but the cream cheese can only be used for baking after being frozen. I've never been brave enough to try either! When I got married in August I had a dessert reception with about 8 types of cookies.

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I flashed freezed them on cookie sheets then put them into freezer ziplocks according to their type. A couple of days before the wedding my mom and my sister baked all of the cookies. Then my friend arranged them on pretty platers for my reception. I added some other SAMs club petite desserts, a fruit tray, some nuts, and viola, the desserts were taken care of. I had cute little dessert sacks for guest to fill and take cookies home for a favor and I still had left overs.

Heather Acuna , This is amazing! Seriously, I hope my daughters think like this when they marry. Cookies, but also cupcakes, fruit tarts, and individual chocolates. Chocolates and unfrosted cupcakes, I can freeze, but does anyone know about fruit tarts? Maybe cook the pastry dough, freeze, then thaw and smother with fruit? Anyone tried this? I would love any feedback… Thanks.

You can freeze pastry, baked or unbaked. Just be sure to cool it completely and wrap it well. For longterm, the unbaked dough will hold up longer. Milk freezes very well. You should allow space in the container as it will expand a bit as it freezes. Just take it out of the freezer, thaw and use as usual. Great money saver. I disagree about buttermilk.

I freeze it all the time and once it is defrosted you can just mix it together again. I use it in baking waffles, pancakes and biscuits. Buttermilk is used in so many recipes, but I only use it about a half or quarter cup at a time, then the rest goes bad in my fridge. I finally took to measuring out my whole container into ziploc bags. Then, when a recipe calls for some, voila! I pull it out of the freezer, thaw, shake and use. Simple and a money saver. I put mine in IceCube trays a tablespoon or 2 per slot then freeze after I transfer to a ziploc bag….

I appreciate this post as I'm trying to branch out. I have a couple of casserole recipes that freeze nicely and I just place them frozen in the oven and cook them for about 2. Both of these recipes have lots of vegetables and make for nice one meal dishes. I also freeze apple crisps and breakfast casseroles of eggs, sausage, and cheese. Love this post!! Those tacos look great! I need to stock my freezer, so I'm always looking for good sales so I can get meatballs and meatloaves into the freezer. I've got this bookmarked so I can have an easy list of things to freeze!

You can freeze ripe bananas. If you don't eat them or have time to bake up muffins or bread, just peel them, put in a freezer bag. Pop them out, thaw and make up bread or muffins. Over the years, I have tried freezing bananas using several methods. This is the approach I like best. This is my preferred way to freeze them too. If you rip a hole large enough, you can squeeze the banana right out of the peel kind of like toothpaste. I'm planning my meals for Dec. With limited time this month, these ideas are great.

Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)
Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)
Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)
Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)
Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)
Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2) Freezer Cookbook (The Cooks Kitchen 2)

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