Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)

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Dont go watch this at any costs.

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Bottom Line: Go out, find every copy of this movie that you can, and burn it. WOW some demented Pokmon shows up and they multiply i can get a seizure from this. Animie is pointless the makers of it are pointless its a big marketing scheme look just cut down on songs and they will get a good rating i reckon that this movie would have been fine if they put out a message you must see all the Pokmon episodes to understand whats going on and it is not a film.

It is just an animation it should be on video. Ps: ill give it a 1 because i just got 5 bucks i could not give it a half because theres no halves. Introduction of some new Pokemon is marginally interesting, but storyline is extra-thin, dialogue is still bad, and music is mediocre. Watch the television show instead - its much better. Yea the girls are pretty but its not very good. The plot having a cowboy get involved with an Indian maiden would be interesting if the sex didnt get in the way.

Well, okay it might be interesting, but its not, because its so badly paced and and only partly acted. I can only imagine what the close ups of the dancing tushes looked like on a big screen, probably more laughable then they do on TV. I wont even mention the topless knife fight between two women who are tied together and spend the whole thing chest to chest.

Never read about that in the old west This is a film that requires liberal use of fast forward. I like schlock films but this is ridiculous. There is a reason that I dont go for this sort of films and that they tend not be very good, the plot taking a back seat to breasts. The original nudie cuties as they are called were originally nudist films or films where there was no touching but as the adult industry began to grow the film makers either tried to be clever or tried to exploit something else in order to put butts in seats. The clever ones were very few which only left hacks who were of limited talent.

The comedies often came off best with the humor approaching the first grade level, infantile but harmlessly fun. Something that could rarely be said about any other genre cross dressed as a nudie. The Ramrodder looks good and has a couple of nice pieces but its done in by being neither western nor sex film. I need not watch this again.

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Of interest to probably no one, the rapist and killer in the film was played by Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Manson family who was arrested for murdering a school teacher not long after filming wrapped. Obviously these sort of things will ruin some peoples lives. I mean great actors like, The Freeman aka Morgan Freeman, an asset to Hollywood, however completely wasted in this film. Both of these great actors probably signed on to the movie thinking it was going to be a great movie as I did when I heard the story.

Then enter a fresh faced Justin Timberlake. I say fresh faced because this is his first movie and those rotten tomatoes havent hit him yet. Well the reason for that , I might add, is because no one will ever see this movie or even bother reading this review. The movie is so terrible that when i got into the first 15 minutes of it. The characters were so one dimensional that it makes some Bible characters look like the Don Corleone. They got the one liners and sound-bite worthy stuff. The captain is this short whiny guy who speaks in such a high tone. And what crappy movie would be complete without the hero becoming richer because of an experience.

Oh and lots of gun fire, i mean a whole lot. THe kind of gun fire that leaves everyone in the police force whos crooked dead and the hero prevails. They got flame throwers and rocket launchers, REally no kidding. Bottom line if you want to see Edison its because you are a great fan of one of the actors, or a great fan of Justin Timberlake, to all the 13 year old girls out there, enjoy!!

I wish i had more hands, because then I would have more thumbs, because this movie is so terrible because then i could give it so many thumbs down that thumbs down would no longer mean anything because this movie is so terrible because it sucks so badly that it made me laugh out of frustration about the story line because it just would not end because the firing and yelling just kept happening. I could go on with these.

Since American Beauty is a movie that had something to say, I had hopes for Towelhead. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. In fact, of countless movies Ive seen in almost a dozen Sundance festivals, Towelhead is the only Sundance movie Ive ever wanted to walk out early from. The worst problem with Towelhead is that it so obviously originates with a collection of provocative concepts concerning cultural stereotypes, rather than with an organic human drama. The screenplay derives from the novel of the same name by Alicia Erian. The famous Edith Wharton quote comes to mind: I have never known a novel that was good enough to be good in spite of its being adapted to the authors political views.

That observation is especially devastating for Towelhead because its political views are so stale and simplistic.

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If there ever was a time when Towelheads white male villains, condescending portrayals of blacks, ironic treatments of foreign cultures, etc. For a more detailed review, please look up any of the many professional reviews available online. Almost all rate this movie poorly and expose the shallow and manipulative tissue it is based on. On the other hand, the amateur reviewers seem more easily bamboozled.

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As you read through the reviews in this and similar sites, youll frequently come across superlatives: stunning, breathtaking, profound, shocking, It embarrasses me to read them, but it does not surprise me. Indeed, Ive encountered many people who seem to regard any book or movie dealing with racial, cultural, gender, or sexual issues as deeply moving, thought provoking, full of profound insight.

If you are such a person, by all means, rent Towelhead and be moved by it. On the other hand, if you set your standards higher, you can safely pass on this one. My pointsFilm is based on 2 things1 Ethnical point of View: As it happens on most of the American Films, the writer thinks itself as an expert after learning 2 or 3 things about the Asian culture.

But unfortunately it is not enough. Knowing kunefe and 2 names of other foods doesnt make a person understand a culture. For example shaving is the sign of clean life in Asia but everyone was trying the girl to stop that. Lebanese people are Christian Ok they got that and their cultural forms and beliefs and approaches are completely different from other Arabic countries. The main difference between eastern and western culture is we dont make ethnocentrism.

So we dont judge people after their first question about our life as the father figure did in all of the film. Show me 10 girls which had these on their sexual awakening than I will say that I am wrong. I wrote this comment because the producers are promoting the film in the black humor genre.

Please watch Dr. Strangelove and understand the meaning of black humor.

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A black humor has to reflect the truth and has to focus the audience to the funny parts of it. Where is the truth? Where is the meaning about the movie. The change is only in the sex. In the first one the good one was Sandy, here its Michael. I prefer to watch the first Grease. I went through half the movie thinking that this was a spoof of the original. Then came that wild and wacky motorcycle scene notice that this is the only movie that Patricia Birch directs and I sadly realized they were trying to be serious.

I did get a kick out of the fact that the opposing gang, having lost their wheels due to their gambling habits in the original Grease, were forced to use motorcycles in the second movie. Being shamed by that putz character Carrington, Id hate to see what they would resort to later: maybe Mopeds?

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I also never bought the hackneyed theme: hunky-Australian-boy-cant-fit-into-Outsiders-dominated-school-ergo-goes-for -tough-guy-with-stupid-biker-helmet-look. It was Disney story gone horribly awry. So, it looks like you CAN ruin a good thing by placing a bubble-gum smacking Michelle Pfeiffer in a musical. The only thing I took away from this movie was an idea of how many points out of ten to give it. So of course I remember watching Grease since I was a little girl, while it was never my favorite musical or story, it does still hold a little special place in my heart since its still a lot of fun to watch.

I heard horrible things about Grease 2 and thats why I decided to never watch it, but my boyfriend said that it really wasnt all that bad and my friend agreed, so I decided to give it a shot, but I called them up and just laughed. First off the plot is totally stolen from the first one and it wasnt really clever, not to mention they just used the same characters, but with different names and actors.

Tell me, how did the Pink Ladies and T-Birds continue years on after the former gangs left?

Not to mention the creator face motor cycle enemy, gee, what a striking resemblance to the guys in the first film as well as these T-Birds were just stupid and ridiculous. Another year at Rydell and the music and dancing hasnt stopped. But when a new student who is Sandys cousin comes into the scene, he is love struck by a pink lady, Stephanie. But she must stick to the code where only Pink Ladies must stick with the T-Birds, so the new student, decides to train as a T-Bird to win her heart.

So he dresses up as a rebel motor cycle bandit who can ride well and defeat the evil bikers from easily kicking the T-Birds butts. But will he tell Stephanie who he really is or will she find out on her own? Well, find out for yourself.

www.deathq.com/wp-content Grease 2 is like a silly TV show of some sort that didnt work. The gang didnt click as well as the first Grease did, not to mention Frenchy coming back was a bit silly and unbelievable, because I thought that she graduated from Rydell, but apparently she didnt. The songs were not really that catchy Im glad that Michelle was able to bounce back so fast, but thats probably because she was the only one with talent in this silly little sequel, I wouldnt really recommend this film, other than if you are curious, but I warned you, this is just a pathetic attempt at more money from the famous musical.

Movie-buffs out there actually like this movie?

Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica) Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)
Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica) Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)
Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica) Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)
Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica) Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)
Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica) Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)

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