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A key reason for its emphasis on de-dollarization is that U. In order to pre-empt potential sanctions that cut Russia off from international financial channels such as SWIFT , Russia has also created a domestic bank payment system, Mir which means both "peace" and "world" in Russian. It has also escalated efforts to sign currency swap agreements, which enables direct trade between two countries in local currencies, instead of the usual reliance on U. This includes trade flows, foreign debt, international assets held by banks and the CBR, local loans and local foreign exchange market turnover.

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Conversely, the role of the dollar has actually increased in transactions of private holdings held by companies and households. Some companies, however, have begun to move away from the greenback. In , Gazprom Neft announced that it settled all of its oil exports to China in renminbi. And in August this year, Rosneft announced that it would stop using the US dollar for its export contracts.

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However, Demarais said complete de-dollarization remains a "utopia" on account of the reliance of global oil exports using dollar transactions, as well as the volatility of the rouble. Additional trading costs created by de-dollarization will also represent another "major obstacle," she said. Dolgin suggested that further de-dollarization of Russia's trade and a switch of its oil export contracts to euros is possible if the EU and China upscale their own efforts to bypass the dollar.

The EU is embarking on a mission to increase the international role of the euro, and as such stands as a key beneficiary of Russian de-dollarization. In a staff working document published in June, and following consultations with public and private market participants, the European Commission concluded that "the euro clearly stands out as the only candidate that has all the necessary attributes of a global currency that market participants could use as an alternative to the U.

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The Commission also highlights the potential to increase the share of euro-denominated transactions in energy commodities, particularly natural gas. A European Commission spokesperson told CNBC that promoting the euro's international role is "part of Europe's commitment to an open, multilateral and rules-based global economy and trade.

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Discover to match card member donations for Hurricane Michael relief. Discover is matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to USD 1 million for every cardmember who donates to the American Red Cross using Cashback Bonus[R], or makes a donation with a Discover card. Every dollar received in response to this challenge will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Johnson Foundation.

Dollar for Dollar

Haiti gets help from industry. Boeing said the match is dollar-for-dollar for employees and USD0. Boeing to donate money for hurricane relief.

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  4. Newfoundland diocese threatens to quit council. Also, some employers offer a dollar-for-dollar match on employee contributions, so check out how much of your contribution your employer will match and contribute at least that amount to gain the full benefit. Eight moves for your money: whether the economy picks up steam or fizzles, these investment tips will help keep your finances together. The tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of taxes owed and many small property owners simply do not have enough tax liability to redeem the credit.

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