Die Vagabunden (German Edition)

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This copy is held by the Austrian National Library in Vienna. Click to enlarge. Die lustigen Vagabunden. Germany, Very kindly donated by Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh. Auctioned on the Artnet. Ich hab' mein Herz im Autobus geloren. Germany, Auctioned on the Invaluable.

Weimar Films on DVD – The Promise of Cinema

Het Meisje met den Blauwen Hoed. Courtesy of Louisa deTassis. Found in a private collection and photographed by film historian Daniel van Waalwijk. She symbolises the tiny but just-possible chance that an ordinary girl can become part of the movie world. Truus is famous in Berlin, attracting audiences - and contracts! Her career is progressing so well a German film journal has already used the word "prominent" referring to our Truusje. With journalists hailing her like that, we don't have to worry about her future! Owners of the five Staar cinemas in Berlin, Fritz and Eva Staar became two of Truus' best friends, and were supportive years later when she needed help.

The Staars were Jewish, so what became of them during the war is anybody's guess Fold-out booklet advertising Truus' film "Die lustigen Vagabunden". Newspaper ad for the Gala Premiere of Truus' only Dutch-language film. In April Truus attended an international film exhibition, the Internationale Tentoonstelling op Filmgebied , in the Hague. As an unknown teenager you left this place, A glamourous Film Star you've returned. The fantasy of all young girls, You made it come true over there, So now you have many a girl Gazing at you full of awe.

DVD: - uw geboortejaar in beeld. Tijdsbeeld Media, Netherlands, Got a time-machine? Get in it and go back to - here is Truus' own phone number in Amsterdam's Cliostraat discovered by super-researcher Sally Mens - give her a ring! This item is included not because you'll hear Truus singing on it, but because you won't. There is no evidence that Truus ever sang anything - which is odd considering the number of musicals and revues in which she appeared. Reconstructed version. German intertitles with English subtitles, optional English voice-over.

Die Vagabunden : Roman ......

Extras: animated advertising trailer for The Secret of the Marquise ; documentary on Reiniger by Katja Raganelli , 64 min. PAL, region 0. German intertitles with English subtitles. Includes short documentary on the history of the film, documents by Magnus Hirschfeld, and a letter exchange between directors Richard Oswald and Veit Harlan.

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DVD: Kino on Video , min. Restored version. English intertitles only. Features image gallery; Lubitsch filmography. PAL, region 2. German intertitles with optional English subtitles. Essay by R.

runagate - Vagabund?

Dixon Smith. DVD: Kino on Video , 60 min. DVD: Kino on Video Two-disc collection of early European and American experimental cinema. In German.

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Features: photo gallery; background information. Second disc contains the documentary Sperrfort Rocca Alta 28 min. DVD: Kino on Video , 82 min. With Lubitsch filmography. DVD: Criterion Collection , 83 min. In German with English subtitles. DVD: Image Entertainment , 62 min. Restored version with newly recorded original score by Edmund Meisel.

Translation of "another drifter" in German

Audio commentary. Includes English-language version 94 min. Features background information; photo gallery. DVD: Criterion Collection , min. Includes Looking for Lulu , documentary on Louise Brooks , 60 min.

Blues des Vagabunden

Pabst; stills gallery; book with essays. DVD: Image Entertainment , 72 min. Audio commentary by Mike Budd.

DVD: Kino on Video , 75 min. DVD G : absolut Medien Audio commentary by David Bathrick and Eric Rentschler. DVD: Image Entertainment , min. Audio commentary by David Kalat. Includes background information; biographies.

click Italy in the Duisburg Stadium 9 min. Includes the version directed by Robert A. Includes gallery of production stills; essay by Jan Christopher Horak.

Audio commentary by David Ehrenstein and Bill Krohn. Includes video feature with Tony Rayns; comparison of the different versions of Faust by R. Dixon Smith; production stills and promotional art gallery; booklet with essay by Peter Spooner and archive reprints. DVD: Kino on Video , 77 min. Restored edition, color tinted, English intertitles.

Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)
Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)
Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)
Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)
Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)
Die Vagabunden (German Edition) Die Vagabunden (German Edition)

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